Volleyball Action

We specialize in capturing the energy, enthusiasm and comraderie of this great sport.

Whether photographing athletes brand new to the sport, exeperienced high school, elite college or even professional volleyball players, we love to be courtside photographing the action.

Our focus is on capturing not only the explosive action, but also the wonderful energetic cheers, as well as the intense portraits that are a part of this sport. We are also always on the lookout for things unique to each athlete — a repeated gesture, a look or pre-serve routine or a moment of playfullness or sillyness.

From the darkest highschool gyms to the brightest arenas, we are comfortable photographing. We've invested in the equipment necessary to allow us to photograph in any venue, without the potential distraction that lighting and flash can bring to the athletes or officials.

With each image we take and prepare for customers, it's always our desire to create images that we would be happy to hang on our own walls. To that end, each finished print receives any adjustments needed for exposure, color and cropping, as well as selective tonal adjustments such as dodging and burning (this helps those distracting convention center backgrounds recede a bit).

Another unusual aspect about our process — at least for photographers taking many, many thousands of images per year — is that we always start from the highest quality possible : the RAW image output from the camera. All adjustments are performed as lossless/non-destructive edits in professional RAW processing software. This comes with massive storage and processing requirements, but allows us to deliver a much higher quality product than would otherwise be possible.

High Speed/Slow Motion Action

Photography that encompass still images and video!

For years, we've been asked if we provide video services, but we've always been a photography studio that specialized in still photography. Capturing a full match video uses different equipment and a completely different approach compared to photographing individual peak action moments in a match.

However, we are now able to offer a specialty coverage that provides both stills and video from the same set of images.

This coverage will be photographed the same way our coverages normally are - with focus on each touch/action as individual moments to be captured. Each moment will be composed, tracked and photographed individually. However, these moments will be captured at 120 frames per second!

Scheduling Photography

If you like what you see (great!) and are wondering how to arrange for us to photograph for you, there are a couple of ways. We photograph many volleyball tournaments around the nation during the club volleyball season. You can view our Event Calendar online and from there you can sign up to have us photograph at a tournament of your choice.

If you do not see a tournament you will be attending on our calendar or are interested in having us photograph outside the club season (during college or high school season), that's something we're happy to do! Get in touch and get us the specifics of when/where and we'll let you know if we're available and the cost.

A bit of our Work

Enough already — let's see some photos!

Here is a small collection of some of our recent work. We have many hundreds of images on the site - if you would like to see more, please head over to our Galleries.


We've got tons more action photos available for viewing in our galleries. Feel free to check them out!

Action Galleries