Digital Image Downloads

Download digital images you have purchased. It is highly recommended that you download using a computer — not a phone or tablet.

About the files

To make it easy to download all images at once, they are stored in a .ZIP file. All major computer operating systems (Windows, OSX, Linux) handle .ZIP files with ease. Support on phones and tablets vary and finding the files once they have been downloaded can be tricky.

It is easiest to download your computer, then you can copy them to your phone, table, social media site, etc. to share them.

Download Time Limits

Please be sure to download and save your images. This is not a permanent storage location for the files. After 30 days they may be removed without notice.

Downloading your Files

The links provided will automatically download the file. In all major internet browsers, pressing CTRL+J will bring up a list of recently downloaded files. Your file should be the most recent in the list. If you would rather save the file to a location of your choosing, right click on the link and look for an option like 'Save Link As ...'

Finding your Files

Select your Event name and enter your Order ID. Your Order ID can be found in the upper right corner of your printed invoice and starts with the letter 'o'. Look for something like … o20160101-00001-01. Enter the complete Order ID, including dashes.

Purchased Digital files for this Event have not yet been uploaded. Depending on our travel schedule, this can be delayed a bit as we need time to get all images cropped and output and a reliable, fast internet connection to get them uploaded to the site. We'll get this done as quickly as possible. Check back soon!

We couldn't find this orderID for the Event selected. Please double check the Event and orderID and try that again. If your order still is not found, keep in mind that these uploads are not a Digital Files are not an automatic product — they still require cropping, outputting and uploading on our side. Depending on what our schedule is like when you placed your order, this can take a bit of time. There are times when we don't get back to the office for weeks — we always try to get uploads done even while on the road, but sometimes the travel schedule makes it very difficult. Regardless, we get them done as quickly as possible!

There was a problem loading information about this event from our server — please try again later. If the problem persists, please get in touch at and let us know with which event you are having difficulties.

Well we appreciate your enthusiasm! But we haven't even started photographing this event yet. Please check back after the event.

We haven't finished photographing this event yet! Please check back in a few days.