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    We are excited to be attending the !

    Some of our work ...

    There's no better way to know what to expect of us that to have a look at work that we've created. Below is a collection of finished prints and collages from a variety of the many events we have photographed.

    We have a wide range of products — prints, collages, mugs, books, digital files … if you don't see it, ask us about it and we may be able to produce it for you! Our goal is to produce the highest quality work possible — we hope it shows! To give you a clear idea of what to expect, all of this work is from the tournament. You are welcome to view more in our galleries. There is a lot more there!

    Types of Action Coverages

    We offer several different types of packages — choose the one that fits your needs!

    Our coverages can be exclusive to your athlete, shared amongst several athletes or even be general to the entire team. Every coverages comes with all of digital images as printable and shareable files. Depending on the package type selected, the images may also come with a custom designed collage or, if selecting a high speed/video coverage, a video montage.

    Read on to learn more about the various coverage types.

    Stills & Collage Coverage — Exclusive to your Athlete!

    An exclusive coverage, a full set of digital files and a beautiful Collage of your Athlete!

    For years our most popular products have been our beautiful collages. Parents and athletes would pack our booth to design them. During the past few years, with the changes as a result of COVID, we've not been able to staff our booth as we have in the past, and it's been very difficult to offer our collages. But now they're back! Our tournament photography sofware is now online, making it much easier for us to post the images for families to make selections of their favorite images from home.

    Our Exclusive Individual photography coverage comes with all of the images from an exclusive coverage or your athlete as downloadable digital images as well as your choice of any of our collages (anywhere from 4-20 images!). After the tournament, once the images are available, you will be able to mark your favorite images from home. We will design you a collage featuring a selection of your favorites images. We'll print the collage in poster size (16x20 or 16x24 depending on the layout selected) and ship it to you!

    Collage Galleries

    Stills Coverage — Team or Shared Group

    A general match coverage aimed at capturing as many athletes in action as possible.

    We follow the action of the ball, with the aim of capturing every touch and moment — pass, set, hit, block, cheer, huddle.

    Group & Team coverages are available in 1, 2 or 3 match lengths. When purchasing a multiple match coverage, time permitting, each match can be photographed on a different day of the tournament to capture different uniforms, levels of competition and potential changes in on court line-ups.

    This coverage includes all images as digital files — they will be made available for download after the tournament.

    This is a great coverage type to split amongst parents or for clubs to purchase for images to use for prints or in club social media or on their website.

    When signing up, if you would prefer a group coverage that is focused on a smaller set of athletes rather than the whole team, be sure to indicate this in the notes portion of the sign up form.

    Stills & Video Coverage (High Speed/Slow Motion)

    A coverage that encompasses still images and video! This specialized coverage that will let you see volleyball as never before!

    For years, we've been asked if we provide video services, but we've always been a photography studio that specialized in still photography. Capturing a full match video uses different equipment and a completely different approach compared to photographing individual peak action moments in a match.

    However, we are now able to offer a specialty coverage that provides both stills and video from the same set of images.

    This coverage is photographed the same way our coverages normally are - with focus on each touch/action as individual moments to be captured. Each moment is composed, tracked and photographed individually. However, these moments are captured at 120 frames per second!

    This coverage is available as an Exclusive Coverage (focusing solely on one athlete), or as Team/Group Coverage — making it possible to share coverage costs!

    The perfect coverage for building your athlete's highlight/skills reel.

    If you are in the process of collecting video for your athlete's highlight or skills reel to be shared with recruiters, this is the perfect coverage type! Unlike an overall video of a match, this coverage still provides intense, focused images just like our stills always have, but they can be used for slow motion video!

    Rather than having to crop into a small portion of the frame of a full court video, this results in incredibly clear action focused on your athlete.

    See the action at a detail level not possible before.

    This type of coverage allows you to see the evolution of a moment (pass, set, hit, etc.) in greater detail than ever before. A single hit may result in a sequence of images such as the following ...

    (Tip: click an image to enlarge, then hold down the right and left arrow keys to "play" the sequence back and forth!)

    Each High Speed Coverage includes:

    • A composite "Showcase" video of all moments captured (see example video below).
    • Individual video files for each moment captured that you can use to build your your own custom highlight reel.
    • A highlight gallery of individual peak action images which can be printed as 4x6/5x7 images.
    • All of the individual images from each moment captured (this numbers in the thousands to 10s of thousands of images, depending on the length of coverage).
    This results of this coverage will be made available as a download after the event.

    Combine the moments into a beautiful highlight reel!

    The resulting images can then be combined for the creation of beautiful slow motion video clips such as the videos below.

    Space is limited - don't wait!

    Don't miss your chance for beautiful action photos.

    Due to the exclusive and focused nature of our photography and our desire to make sure everyone who signs up get the best images we can create, we take a very limited number of sign ups per tournament. We limit ourselves to 10-15 sign ups per weekend (depending on the coverage type selected). If you'd like have photos from , please don't wait!

    Action Photography Packages

    Save by sharing your request!

    If you don't feel you need a full exclusive coverage of your athlete, considering sharing one of our Team/Group requests with other parents on the team. This is a great way to get great photos and save money.

    To share amongst families, the minimum package is a Full Match coverage. Photographing a full match allows for a much better chance of getting great images of each of the requested athletes.

    When splitting a Team/Group request, we request no more than five athletes included in the split, otherwise and additional set or match will be required to make sure we can get a good number of images of each athlete.

    Question about Action Photos

    Time is getting short ... Don't wait to sign up!

    If you would like photographs taken at the , please do not wait to sign up. Because I will be the the only photographer present, the number of available sign ups will be limited.

    Further, to make sure I can deliver as high quality product as possible and because you can't see the photos on site, I'm going to be leaving room in my schedule so that I can photograph more for each coverage than I usually would. That means I will likely be taking no more than 20 signups for the entire weekend. So don't wait!

    If you have questions about the coverages, please get in touch and I'll get back to you as soon as possible with an answer!


    Are you interested in signing up, but have questions? I'm happy to help!


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    If you'd like to see what our finished work looks like, we've got lots in our Galleries. Have a look!


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